Tuesday, 12 June 2018


5G Technology and 5G Internet:

Who doesn’t love speedy internet? The answer is simply “Yes”. Therefore, there is no surprise that every major telecom operator in the world is working to make it faster and even faster. Cell Phones (Especially Smart Phones), watches, homes, and cars are increasing rapidly requiring stable internet connections. In order to overcome this we need a powerful wireless signal. To solve our problem of slow internet connection 5G is knocking at the door. 5G is a wireless connection built to give a better and stable connection to the devices that need it. It is similar to 4G and 3G that was introduced before but the major difference is its frequency. It’s not that only your phone and your PC or Laptop but many home appliances, door locks, security cameras, cars and many other devices will also be connected to the internet with the help of 5G. By 2020 it is expected that 20.8 billion devices will be connected to the internet. Now, approximately 6.4 billion devices are connected to the internet using 4G connection and it is connected to the world also. So, in future a lot more IOT (Internet of Things) will be connected to the web. According to the technologist 5G is the future wireless technology of the world. It will make our life more and more comfortable. The use of self driving car will have some breath for this technology.
5G Technology & Internet

What is 5G technology?
Here the “G” in 5G stands for “Generation” that means 5th Generation Wireless phone technology which was technically started with 1G and generation after generation it is increasing as 2G, 3G and now 4G that is the latest one with LTE (Long Term Evolution) technology. 5G is inspired by this kind of LTE technology. It will give us more and better speed that will enable us to watch 4k video and Games using 5G internet as there will be a little bit of latency. In medical emergency doctor can take the help of this technology with which our precious life can be saved.5G wireless technology will work in 28Ghz frequency for which the wave length will be the shorter than that of 4G or 3G. As the frequency is enormous the wave length is technically lesser (It will be in millimeter) and for this there will be a drawback. The penetration capability will be lower than that of the previous 4G or 3G.But it will be overcome with the help of implementation of more tower and using more antenna in mobile phones. The research is going on rapidly to make it materialized as soon as possible.

5G technology in India
India is not lagging behind the other developed countries. India is also set up a panel constituted by three Secretaries of the Department of Telecom, IT and Science and Technology by the Department of Telecommunication (DoT) in view of introducing 5G by the year 2020. JIO Telecommunication is also trying to implement it with the collaboration of Samsung which is already invented a 5G modem which will give us 6GZh frequency as per company and it is in a testing position. If everything goes well India will also launched 5G wireless network very soon.
5G launched dates:
There is no prediction yet by the Government or any other telecom operator; but it is expected that 5G will sure be launched in India by the year 2020. United State is already making some trial around some places like Texas, Oregon, and New Jersey.

Last but not least 5G internets will give us a better internet experience and will make our life easier.