Sunday, 17 June 2018


 5G Technology and its bad Impact upon Us:

From the ancient time man is looking for how to get an easy, comfortable and lazy life without doing too much work everything can be done easily. With this aspiration of man the World is standing in such a position that anything can be done with the help of Technology. But it’s also true that too much greed may lead us to a condition from where we can’t get back or impossible to get back. Here I am talking about the 5G Technology, the fastest wireless technology in the World.
Expected Date:
This 5G Technology may appear in our daily life by 2020 as expected by the Inventors. No doubt this is a good effort of our scientists or technologists who are fully involved in this project. We welcome their effort of making such a technology.

 Advantage of 5G Technology:

This kind of wireless technology i.e 5G Technology will give us too much internet speed about 1.4 Gbps by which we will able to watch direct broadcast of football, cricket, Olympic and many others programme. Not only that but it will also connect many dev ices (which is called IOT). The problems facing by the manufacturer of self driving car will most probably be solved as the present 4G internet connection is not enough for this kind of technology. The self driving car requires flawless stable and high speed internet connection. 5G internet connection will help providing such connection to the self driving cars.
It will also help us in medical field. Suppose, a critical operation needs some experts help or instruction and the doctors are away from there, 5G Technology or Internet connection will help us to come out from this kind of dangerous situation where a life is in critical condition. It will be possible for its least latency and high speed which the present 4G connection fails to give.
2.In Automation industries:
Automation industries will be improved day by day with the help of 5G Technology. The labor cost will be cut down and we will use their things in low cost. It sounds good for us.

Bad Impact upon Us:

But, can we realize the bad impact of it upon us as well as upon the whole living beings? The answer is probably no. Because we are dancing around , thinking that we will get very very fast Internet connection in our cell phone, laptop or computer which will help us playing 4k online games, watching movie, match etc.
Can we know what we have to pay for it? Let’s have a small discussion that I realize. To give us such stable connection by using 5G technology, too much towers are required around us as it uses millimeter wave length which has less penetration strength or capabilities in comparison with 4G Technology. Its signals will come to the devices in beam form with small cell technology which the 4G or 3G already uses.
Too much towers mean too much radiation as we already know that every electronic device that is connected to the internet gives out radiation. The more implementation of IOT will give out more radiation. The radiation that the 5G Technology gives out may have extremely bad impact in our life. Instead welcoming this kind of technology we should think of its danger. The Eco system will also be affected gradually for the radiation. So, be careful and cautious before using such kind of technology.
We can’t ignore the Scientists or the Technologists who are making this will have too much responsibility towards us. They are also thinking a lot about the bad impact of it. They should be more and more careful and cautious before implementation.