Sunday, 3 June 2018


Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence is the future technology of the World. It is briefly called AI. Almost all the country in the World is running after it. But there is too much controversy among the Scientist regarding this kind of technology. Some of them questions that this technology will destroy the human race as well as the World; but some opines that it will help developing us by providing many things like labour, security, privacy etc.
Now, the question arises that what is Artificial Intelligence. It is in brief a kind of machines learning. A kind of programme that is implemented on variety of machines and act like that. If the programme is programmed to act like human beings, it work exactly like this. The programme works after gaining knowledge from human beings and automatically implemented it. How can it gain knowledge? It gains knowledge after properly observing human's behavior, gesture, smile, quality of speaking etc. If the programme is going to be implemented on a kind of machines which can act other works. It can then be programmed like that. All what the machines learns store them in its memory and act accordingly from its past knowledge or experiences.
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Here is a small example. We use smart phone and some smart phone has finger print unlocking or face unlocking feature. The phone uses AI. It has the power of face recognition . This power can unlock your phone because at the time of configuring your smart phone it recognizes only your face. So, only you can unlock it. It is really a good feature for our security and privacy.
There is some reports revealed in some International Newspaper that The University of Southern California has made an experiment among 134 couple and came to the conclusion that Artificial Intelligence can can tell us the relationship between the couple and how much time their relationship will long last. It works only by observing their gesture, the voice and time of their talking to each other. The Intelligent machine will then tell us what is going to be happened among the couple. Is it not interesting? 
Sofia, the first robotic girl, can perform a lot of duties properly without making a little bit of mistake with the help of AI. It is really a great invention of the modern World. It should be known to us that Sofia is now the citizen of Soudi Arabia and it is now the most controversial topic among the critic and the scientists. To them it will make a critical situation for human beings if it behaves otherwise or trained to act like devil.
Sir Stephen Howking properly said:- " The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race".
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