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Cyber Security and how to get rid of it:

Presently, Internet is the part and parcel of our day to day life. It plays a crucial role everywhere like office, bank, company and our daily life. It seems that without internet the heart of the world seems to be stopped. Not only the heart of the world; but also the heart of all the Internet users is also be ceased. But the most alarming fact is that the Internet is not properly secure and safe yet. All the responsibility must be imposed upon us as we can’t handle it properly. It is found that most of the people including develop and under developed countries uses Internet for many purposes like buying and selling goods, collecting information, entertainment purpose and even transferring money or fund for which we work day and night without taking rest. But all the money he earns this way can be vanished within a second for making a little bit of mistake. The Computer and the smart phone users’ activity can be traced without his or knowledge.

Cyber Security and how to get rid of it

Cyber Security and how to get rid of it


This happens due to some reason. First of all the PC or the Cell Phone has some kind of vulnerabilities or the Operating System is old or pirated version or the Software or Application is installed in the users’ PC or Phone is cracked version.

It should be kept in mind that nothing can be done without labour and for this we earn money. So, why a person give you such kind of costly Software or Application without cost,  which he or she cracked spending so much time. You must think about the intention behind it. The crackers must want something from you in returns. There is a big question. What does he want? It is nothing but money. You may think that how could it be possible. It may be by selling your personal information, banking details in the black market or entering into your bank account and transferring all the money you earn into his or her own or someone else account.

The smart phone users install third party or cracked application for not spending money to buy it and fall into the trap of crackers or hackers. While installing the application from third party it needs some permission; but unfortunately the users can’t read it carefully and properly and install it and after that he or she loses all the control over his or her phone and all the personal information including images, phone numbers etc.  goes to the hacker’s hand.

Secondly, the users sometime make some mistakes going to the malicious website without knowing what kind of code or java script the site is using. This is how they become the victims of that site. Basically, it happens to the youth as they enter into movie, song downloading site or some illegal site.

To save us from such kind of incidents everyone shouldn’t use cracked or pirated software or OS and should use a good quality antivirus and keep it updates regularly. 
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